“Paul knows how to get things done on time and on budget without any sacrifice in quality or creativity.”
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  — Jacob Smith, Principal, WhiteboardMedia

“A lively, visually attractive site.”
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  — Paul E. Macks, Executive Director, the Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy

“…helped us gain new business and grants.”
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  — William J. Nolan, Executive Director, KenCrest Centers

I worked with John Alfred Jones, a speech and presentation coach in Chicago with the Personal and Business Identify firm Studio F.

“Even with 25 years in the business, I found Fredda and her group to be a catalyst for new ideas.”
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“After they read my brochure, my family said it was the first time they really understood what I do.”
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  — Lynn Sutton, President, Kairos Management

“Paul recognized what set me apart from my competitors before I did.”
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  — Katrina Laflin, Principal, Laflin Design Group (Landscape Architecture firm)


“Working with Paul is magical.”
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  — Crystal Wilson, Principal, PlaceVision

“Paul's first step was to suggest a restructuring of our offer to him that helped us use his services much more efficiently for the same cost.”
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  — J. Shane Creamer Jr., Executive Director Philadelphia Board of Ethics

“Creative and thorough, with an ability to quickly see to the heart of an issue. And he never promised what he couldn't deliver.”
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  — Katherine Hatton, former Vice President and General Counsel, Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc.

“When a friend and client who is a freelance writer saw my Web site, she was blown away by his writing and said that whoever did it should be canonized. I told her, 'Forget it, he's Jewish.”
  — Fredda, Principal, Studio F

“Paul has an almost uncanny way of sensing what your story is and who your audience is and finding innovative ways to reach them.”
  — Thomas N. Tavantzis, Organizational Psychologist, Author