Newsletters — either online or print — are an ideal way to keep in touch with your clients, customers, group members or stakeholders on a regular basis.They are also an excellent way to drive traffic to your Web site.

As a professional writer and editor with decades of experience, I can help select the materials that will help you accomplish your goals.

On newsletters and brochures much of my work takes place before I touch a computer key. I sit down with you to find out who you are. Then I look at who your audience is and why they would want to take time out to read what you send them. Very often, it's different from what you first thought.

Even if someone has signed up for your newsletter, you face tough competition for their time - I can help you win that competition.

I started newsletters for two very different organizations, the Philadelphia Board of Ethics and the Non-Profit Executive Leadership Institute at Bryn Mawr College. In both cases I developed the concept and the content and linked both to the organizations' Web sites as a way to direct traffic there.



The brochure for John A. Jones, a Chicago-based speech and presentation coach, was part of an effort to help him focus his business goals and play to his strengths: long experience that helped him anticipate problems before they occurred.

A new brochure for Lynn Sutton, a Chicago IT consultant, helped her re-focus on the right audience.

"My old brochure," she said, "looked OK and was cleanly written, but it was aimed at IT professionals and they aren't usually the people who decide to hire me. My new brochure is aimed at the top executives who make that decision.

"It looks cleaner and it has another benefit that I had not anticipated. After my family read my new brochure, they said it was the first time they really understood what I do."