As a professional ghostwriter, I work with you whether you already have an outlet or are thinking of publishing yourself.

More and more, self published books are becoming the way to tell your story. Production costs are reasonable and geared to demand, and online distribution provides opportunities that did not exist until recently.

But there is no one-line formula to help you tell the story itself.

Whether you're looking for a textbook, a corporate history, a personal memoir or a guidebook, I can help you make it happen.


As your ghostwriter, I can help you to design a strategy to appeal to your readers and execute it. The story may be even better than you realize.

Working with Dr. Thomas N. Tavantzis, a psychologist who has been a career counselor and executive coach for more than two decades, I recently completed his self- published book "Hard Wired: Your Talents at Work."

The book describes not only his counseling methods but also his personal journey in the United States and Greece that led him to this mission.