Brochures & Newsletters

John Jones Brochure Philadelphia Board of Ethics Newsletter

John A. Jones, a well-established Chicago executive coach, needed a new brochure to reflect a new focus on his experience in the field.

The Philadelphia Board of Ethics, a city agency with newly expanded powers, needed a newsletter to reach its new constituency.


Web Sites

Energy Kardon Institute Web Site Robert Johnson Wood Foundation Web Site Studio F Web Site

The Energy Coordinating Agency needed consumer-oriented copy for its new "Green Energy" Web site.

The Kardon Institute needed a completely redesigned Web site geared to prospective clients and funders and the general public rather than those in the arts therapy field. I teamed with their designer and photographer on the project.

For the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Web site, I have written profiles and reports on grants since 2006.

I have written copy for the Studio F site since 2004.



Company Identity

Laflin Design Group PlaceVision

Working with the principals of these two startups, I provided names and taglines for Laflin Design Group and PlaceVision.


Newspaper and Magazine Journalism

The Philadelphia Inquirer The Baltimore Sun The Charlotte Observer

These are some of the publications for whom I have written.

Main Line Today Article Penn Law Journal Article

These are two of the journals for whom I've written.