As a professional editor for 13 years at The Philadelphia Inquirer, I worked with some of the most talented journalists in the newspaper business.

I also worked with inexperienced writers in an internship program I designed and ran - the largest post-graduate newspaper internship in the country.

I now use these skills to help individuals and businesses tell their own stories. An experienced editor knows that this story may be different in many ways from what they first thought.

They know what to leave out and leave in. And how to tell the story that not even you may have known is there.



Recent clients include:

  • A non-profit agency seeking to expand its services into another state. The agency needed a dry, technical research paper on needs and services into a document readable by state legislators and government officials.
  • Another non-profit agency needing to clarify a report to a funder.
  • The chairman of a Philadelphia governmental agency seeking revisions of a proposed op-ed piece to make it suitable for a general audience.